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Systems & Applications

  • Php Scripts and Module Development

We take pride in creating scripts and modules to provide a better user experience for your system tools. We customized module development for existing content management system available through the world wide web.

  • Office System Application

Considered to be one of Marvill’s top product, the Boss System which was just developed last 2013. The Boss System provides a system with a general logic on handling task more efficiently and providing customized workflow with your existing operation to manage your business anywhere and at anytime. Read more about the Boss System here.

  • Navigation and Tracking System

We know how transportation impacts the life of each individual and business. We provide tracking system for your individual and corporate needs. Our tracking system provides extensive reports and data that will be helpful to provide security and safety of each individual and fleet management system. Read more about this on www.navtech.com.ph, your total solutions for GPS vehicle tracking

Navigation and Tracking System

  • Social Media Integration

With the growing industry of social media, we provide official solutions to tie your corporate website with almost all of your social media subscriptions. Share and like your website constantly.

  • Search Engine Optimization

Having a website is just one part of web marketing. It has been proven that a website is only as good if you can search it over the internet. We provide extensive web optimization for your website to speed it up, be crawled and searchable.

Our platform provides an extensive and intrusive strategy to improve your meta data and proper article formatting that will compliment standards presented by top search engines (Google, Yahoo, and Bing).

  • Innovatice Email Blasting

We provide a team of staff to manage all our promotional updates with advanced Email management and reporting. We also filter emails that is helpful for targeted market and presenting each email with the best design possible.

Content Management System

  • MLM Tools

Marvill’s customized MLM platforms manage user referral and payout system.

  • Built from Scratch

Marvill’s customized MLM platforms manage user referral and payout system.

  • WordPress Content Management

Marvill’s customized MLM platforms manage user referral and payout system.

  • Joomla Content Management

Marvill’s customized MLM platforms manage user referral and payout system.

Media Services

  • Photography

Marvill offers you BASIC photography for you to be able to start up your website with a QUALITY of pictures. For more advance photography for your company we are affiliated with Blufish Photography managed by Mr. Ryan Raquino. Blufish Photography is a group of creative and talented photographers that share the same passion and love for photography.

  • Ad Banners

Nowadays, people prefer more DYNAMIC and IMPRESSIVE presentations. Therefore, they tend to look for something that moves the potential customers to engage in the company’s products and services.

  • Audio Visual Presentation

One of the ESSENTIAL tool in capturing the customers attention is through VISUAL. Marvill Webdev delivers UNIQUE and OUT OF THE BOX AVP Presentations with the help of our AVP Production Team. Marvill provides the most EFFICIENT and DIRECT CONCEPT that will surely tickle the customers imagination. From story boarding, to graphic layout to the final output. Marvill will certainly bring returns to the company.

  • Branding and Corporate Representation

With the emergence of DIGITAL AGE, customer’s buying preferences are influenced by the MEDIA and the INTERNET. Logos, taglines and websites are some of the key elements in establishing a BRAND NAME in the digital world. In Marvill’s EXPERTISE in CYBER WORLD, we can help you REACH OUT your customers though our EXTENSIVE SEO CAMPAIGNS that will let your product and company widen its GROWTH and eventually INCREASE your EARNING CAPABILITY.

  • Graphic Design (Calling Cards, Brochure, Flyers and Corporate Folder Designs)

Since competition in the business world is definitely tight and tough, it requires a CREATIVE and INNOVATIVE MIND to produce and introduce a POWERFUL marketing tool that will capture the eyes and interest of the target customers. Something that will UPLIFT and STRENGTHEN the CREDIBILITY of your company.

Marvill Webdev UNDERSTANDS your NEEDS and DESIRE to EFFECTIVE presentations. We have the KNOWLEDGE to give you EXACTLY what you want with SPEED, ACCURACY and EFFICIENCY.

Web Services

  • Consultation

We provide solutions for you with just an inquiry, we give improvements and suggestions which will be integral on how ou present yourself over the web.

  • Designing

Artistic presentation without imparing the proper standards for web optimization. Get to work with our top developers to get the perfect look to represent your company. Our web design team is considered one of the best in world.

  • Application

With the growing industry of web application and mobile application, Marvill provides solution for crating the most innovative application. Our team of programmers provides work solution for any development of web and mobile applications.

  • Servers

We are part of a number of server providers all over the world. We believe that a company that wants to be promoted over the web should enjoy the best kind of server and not just settle for what is substantial and cheap. In 2014, Marvill tied up with numerous companion over seas to provide redundancy for its VIP clients to push for 100% up time which will be implemented some time in September.

  • E-commerce

With the growing development of online shopping, Marvill provides a number of platform to manage your online transactions and linking this solutions with promotion over social media platforms.

  • E-learning Facility

Wanna be an online guru? Marvill provides solutions for all your academic needs with our E-learning Facility manage courses, students and generate certificates on the fly. Our systems handles orders and payment for courses with credit card payments. With the choice of payment aggregate that you trust.

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